DWS offers possibly one of the most comprehensive training and education aeronautics curriculums in our industry which was designed by commercial airline pilots and flight instructors and trainers who are also drone licensed pilots, on small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) to learn drone technology both on-line and at our school locations. We also teach students how to operate their drones in the field, to obtain careers in this growing industry. We teach students how to start their own drone company inexpensively. This “Best in Class” instruction and materials offers strategies and information that provides the breadth and depth of instruction to be a successful and proficient drone pilot and learn the rules, regulations and laws, to pass the Part 107 exam, required by the Federal Aviation Administration and thereby become certified as a drone pilot. We teach you not only how to pass this exam but how to have a successful drone career.

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Don’t Get Left Behind

Get Trained

In a rapidly-developing industry, both new drone pilots and experienced operators should invest in training to stay competitive. We offer tailor-made classes that cover everything from flying techniques, building a drone from scratch, editing data and starting a drone business to learning the aeronautical information you need to know to become an FAA licensed drone operator.

Why Fly A Drone

At a time when the aviation field is reinventing itself, picking up a drone has never been a more exciting (or profitable) endeavor. Executives across the country see small unmanned aircraft as a key strategy to enhance their businesses and stay competitive.  Drones are helping big box retailers keep track of the inventory in their warehouses while real estate companies are using the technology to create more vibrant footage to advertise their properties. Insurance adjusters and utility companies are investing in drones to inspect infrastructure and equipment. Farmers are taking advantage of the technology to help them produce better crop yield. The potential for new career opportunities is unlimited. In fact, the commercial drone market was valued at $3.4 billion dollars in 2014 but it is projected to reach at least $100 billion dollars by 2020 by Goldman Sachs. To top it off, leading manufacturers are releasing newer, more advanced drone models capable of doing things that were considered just a pipe dream a few years ago. Drone Workforce Solutions is here to help you get your start in this rapidly developing industry.

A Single Hub

For Drone Training & Job Opportunities

These days it’s more important than ever to hire the right job candidates. DWS Drones is always on the hunt for experienced drone pilots to meet our clients’ unique needs. Want a career in the drone industry? Visit one of our FREE informational classes to learn more.


DWS Drone School offers world-class training for aspiring drone pilots taught by the best teachers in the business. Our students learn the mechanics of flying, aviation safety, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and what equipment they need to become a leading drone pilot. A large component of our training will prepare students to pass the the FAA’s Part 107 test to become a licensed small unmanned aircraft operator. Our graduates become part of the DWS Drone School family. We try to refer our qualified alumni for employment opportunities and offer them additional training and networking opportunities.

The Drone Solution

Find A Pilot

Stay on the cutting edge by investing in our drone services to make your business or organization more efficient and effective. Our pilots can perform aerial videography, video editing, 3D mapping, thermal imaging and a range of other drone-based services.

Workforce Training

Many companies have smartly identified drones as a key investment to make their operations more efficient and effective but few have the staff with enough expertise to implement the technology. Drone Workforce Solutions can help companies find the right strategy to use drones in their everyday business practices and train their staff in the technology. We offer customized workshops to businesses of all types from construction and real estate companies, insurance adjusters, utilities, telecommunications, public safety & emergency management and agriculture.

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