DWS Drone School, Inc. Begins Training Tennessee Residents to become Drone Pilots

Date: August 3, 2021
Contact: info@dwsdroneschool.com
For Immediate Release
DWS Drone School, Inc. Begins Training Tennessee Residents to become Drone

DWS Drone School, Inc. (DWS) has been approved by the State of Tennessee Higher
Education Commission to provide training for aspiring drone pilots. The school is located at
the Agricenter International, a 1,000 acre agriculture facility and the largest urban location
in the country which is located at 7777 Walnut Grove, C32-33, Memphis, TN 38120.
DWS has 3 courses, a 10-week and 9 consecutive day drone training course, a virtual reality
course and an agriculture and forestry course. The drone course for example covers
everything from the mechanics of flying, to aviation safety, to the aeronautical information
they need to become a certified and FAA Part 107 licensed commercial drone pilot, how to
start your own drone business, editing and hands-on, in-field flight coaching by our highly
qualified, experienced and FAA certified drone pilots.

Financing for qualified students is also available. An affiliate of DWS in Delaware is
approved by the United States Dept of Veteran Affairs. Veterans of Tennessee can utilize
their educational benefits to attend a drone virtual class in Delaware.
“Our students will receive a top-notch education in drone technology that will help them
seize job opportunities in this $100 billion dollar industry. We intend to start a Tennessee
pipeline of talented commercial drone and virtual reality operators to expand these
technology sectors and increase sustainable employment for men and women from diverse
backgrounds ”, said DWS President, CEO and General Counsel, Theophilus R. Nix Jr. Jobs
and workforce development is done through our global staffing company,

From construction companies, to agriculture, law enforcement, media, utilities,
infrastructure, cell towers, entertainment, and real estate many industries, have smartly
identified drones as a key investment to make their operations more efficient and effective.
Few have the staff with expertise to implement the technology. According to one study, the
expansion of commercial drones could add $82 billion in economic value over the next ten
years and by 2025 employ an additional 100,000 Americans.
DWS is currently seeking interested aspiring drone pilots for their upcoming classes.

About DWS
Drone Workforce Solutions, a global drone and virtual reality employment and staffing
company, is dedicated to helping small, unmanned aircraft (s/UAS) pilots and everyday
businesses work together to find innovative solutions for a rapidly-changing marketplace.
DWS offers customized workshops to all kinds of businesses; from utility companies to real
estate companies. Backed by over 25 years of legal, business, and aviation experience
Drone Workforce Solutions is not only committed to producing top-quality work, but using
its network to transform industries.
For more information about the School or to obtain more information, go to,
(www.dwsdroneschool.com) or call Theo Nix Jr., CEO at 877-397-4353.
Fly Away with Us!!!

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