The National Teen/Youth Drone and Virtual Reality Technologies Initiative

The purpose of this national initiative is to introduce to our Teens/Youth, drones, and virtual reality technologies to create substantive jobs with a purpose to help their communities. Currently, almost every American city is facing record shootings and crime. Many victims are of African-American decent. Guns are everywhere. Many teens have no jobs, can’t afford college and have lost hope. DWS and its partners believe this initiative could be a transformative solution for urban cities across America. The goal of the DWS initiative is to trade guns for drones and employ thousands of teens across the country. Many teens are “gamers”, and could thrive with these technologies.

Drone technology is a $100 Billion opportunity, while virtual reality photogrammetry is up to a one trillion-dollar opportunity.

In essence, this is a teen job creation and violence and crime prevention initiative.

Program Information

1. About Our Teen/Youth Program


Drone Technology

      Students who complete the drone course will learn about:

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

The rules, regulations, and laws regarding drone operations, and in particular governance  of drones by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The anatomy of a drone and the various drones currently on the market and what they can and cannot do.

  Individual components of the drone, both vocabulary and function.

 The principles of flight, including Newton’s Laws of Motion, Bernoulli’s Principle, airspeed, gravity, and other key topics to help understand flight of the drones.

Flight safety and assessment of conditions including weather, site issues, and other obstructions.

Aerial photography and videography and their concepts, including lighting, shutter speed, lens filters, and drone positioning.

Creating a “story line” to their videos.

Editing, music, and narration to create a video.

3-D mapping from the sky through Drone Deploy by creating and calculating measurements for a project.

How to fly the drones.


Virtual Reality Technology

      Students who complete the VR course will:


Obtain a thorough understanding of Virtual Reality and 3D Virtualization concepts.

Understand the various aspects of the equipment needed and the various cameras currently on the market and what they can and cannot do.

Understanding the technology of 360 cameras, 3D Scanning Cameras, and Software for editing.

Understanding safety and assessment of conditions including weather, site issues, and other obstructions.

Learn how to plan a VR photoshoot including pre- and post-capture procedures, photography and videography and its concepts including learning about light, shutter speed, lens filters, and camera positioning, and how to use VR equipment in various situations in the field.

Learn the world of business and how to become a businessperson as a VR operator.



     After completion of the classes, each student will receive a 6 to12 week paid internship where they will perform inspectional services for employers around the City and State. Thereafter, they can work through the staffing and employment company, Drone Workforce Solutions.


Our goal is to train and employ thousands of teenage drone and virtual reality drone operators in America and provide sustainable jobs in these technologies.


 Fly Away with us!!!!

Theophilus R. Nix, Jr., Esq. President/CEO


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2. About DWS Drone School


DWS Drone School, Inc., (, is a global training and education school, approved by the states of Delaware, New Jersey and Georgia and by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to teach veterans,  that teaches students how to pass the FAA Part 107 commercial drone exam and fly a drone, with its proprietary drone curriculum that was created by United States FAA commercial airline pilots who are also flight instructors, curriculum developers and commercial drone pilots. We also teach students editing, and how to start their own drone and virtual reality business. We believe it is the best curriculum in the drone industry. We also have classes in various industries and will be adding additional classes. 



DWS offers a comprehensive training and education aeronautics curriculum on small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (s/UAS) to learn drone technology in the classroom and in the field to obtain careers in this growing industry. This instruction and materials offers strategies and information that provides the breadth and depth of instruction to be a successful and proficient drone pilot and learn the rules, regulations and laws, and in particular Part 107, Remote Pilot required by the United States Federal Aviation Administration to pass their test and thereby become certified as a drone pilot. 



The latest in Virtual Reality ushers in a revolutionary new standard in content capture, documentation and training. We train you in a multitude of skills that cover the basics of creating real estate tours up to 3D modeling fundamentals for architecture and engineering use cases. Whether you want to create an immersive experience for a new home or an experience-based sale or full models of actual buildings that can be digitized and documented we are continually updating our course and standards to continue being on the cutting edge and hold ourselves to the high standards you can expect from DWS. 



This course teaches a student in helping farmers and forestry professionals, through a cloud-based system, remote sensing to monitor and manage their crops throughout the entire growing season. By creating visualized, user-friendly, geo-referenced field maps, you will analyze and provide a full range of crop monitoring stats which includes, stand count, plant disease, population and stress analysis, weed and pest analysis, water stress analysis, flowering estimator and Eagle Eye.

                         This allows for immediate decisions that contribute to increasing productivity and a more efficient utilization of resources, with a significant reduction of production costs and risks.


Drone Workforce Solutions (DWS), (  mission is to develop a generation of experienced drone operators to meet the growing commercial demand of the emerging $100 Billion drone industry with accessibility to staffing, job placement and drone entrepreneurship. 

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