DWS Drone School (DWS) and Agremo announce its partnership for DWS to provide Data Analytics Education and Training

DWS Drone School (DWS), a global technology education and training school for drone and virtual reality technologies, and Agremo, a worldwide leader in providing field analytics to the Agricultural community, joined forces to provide education and training classes on how to use the Agremo technology in its schools.

Agremo software uses drone-collected images to provide highly accurate and actionable analysis results on plant/tree number, weed, and plant stress and helps Ag professionals to monitor and manage their crops throughout the entire season.

This exclusive training global partnership will provide significant employment opportunities for drone operators on how to use the Agremo technology correctly and thereby assist the agricultural community to increase crop production by as much as 10 to 40% depending on the crop. With food insecurity being a major global threat around the world, this partnership will allow us to assist our farming community to produce more crop yield on their farms. DWS will be providing training and employment in this field. We have been approved by the United States Dept of Veterans Affairs to teach vets using the GI bill and by the states. We are delighted to be partnering with Agremo in this global initiativesaid Theo Nix, Jr., Esq., President of DWS.

Agremo CEO, Milan Dobrota, said, “We are excited to work with Attorney Theo Nix, Jr., and DWS in this global initiative to train and employ thousands of potential operators to help farmers around the world. This training of the proper use of our technology through their training school and employment company will make a transformational difference to the agricultural industry.

If you are a drone operator looking to take this class, go to dwsdroneschool.com and let us know of your interest.

Through DWS Drone School, we continue to provide drone and virtual reality education and training in our schools in Delaware, New Jersey, and Georgia, with other schools opening shortly, both for veterans through the GI bill and the Departments of Labor.
Those also looking for drone and virtual reality photography training can go to dwsdroneschool.com.

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