Drone Workforce Solutions Awarded its 3rd Grant to teach Drone Technology

October 12, 2018


RE: Drone Workforce Solutions Awarded its 3rd Grant to teach Drone Technology
Drone Workforce Solutions, (A/K/A DWS Drones), is pleased to announce that it has received its third
state grant from the Delaware Department of Labor, Division of Employment and Training and Delaware
Workforce Development Board. This is the third such drone grant awarded by the state of Delaware in its
history. DWS is honored to be the recipient of all grants for drone training they have awarded.
In January 2017, DWS Drones was awarded a planning grant to create a Strategic Workforce Training
Plan for drone technology that met Delaware employer’s workforce needs, advance the skills of Delaware
workers, grow the state’s economy and increase sustainable employment for working families.
In September 2017 DWS Drones was awarded a training grant to teach 10 Delaware citizens how to
become a highly skilled and paid commercial drone operator. Students graduated in December 2017.
With this award under the “Adult Occupational Skills Training Programs” unemployed students in
selected zip codes will participate in a 10-week, 70-hour course which includes topics such as: the
anatomy of drones (building their own), aerodynamics and principles of flight, weather, reading sectional
charts, flight planning & air space, aerial photography, videography/editing, drone entrepreneurship and
many hours of flying drones. They also receive skills training. Additionally, each student will be given
the most advanced drone manufactured by DJI, the leader in drone technology, (Phantom 4 Pro v.2).
Drone Workforce Solutions has started a pipeline of talented commercial FAA certified drone operators
through its employment company to expand the state’s technology sector and increase sustainable
employment for men and women from diverse backgrounds of today’s working families.
DWS graduates will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from Drone Workforce Solutions; the only
drone training and employment company that is approved by the Delaware Department of Education, the
New Jersey Department of Education, and the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce

Said President Theo Nix, Jr., Esq., “The expansion of commercial drones could add $82 billion in
economic value over the next ten years and by 2025 employ an additional 100,000 Americans.
Delawareans in particular and Americans in general can be at the forefront globally in this technology”.
DWS also offers employment opportunities for FAA certified drone pilots through its drone staffing and
employment part of the company. Pilots are encouraged to contact DWS through its website.
Drone Workforce Solutions was formed by visionary and company President, Theophilus R. Nix, Jr., Esq.
and his wife Suzanne Nix, COO. Their goal is to be recognized as “THE” premier global staffing and
placement company for DWS validated drone operators, with the “Best in Class” standards for providing
service and solutions to organizations interested in incorporating drones into their operations.

Contact Us: Employment: www.droneworkforcesolutions.com
Training: www.dwsdroneschool.com
Powering America’s Workforce

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