Drone Workforce Solutions awarded grant to train Delaware residents to become a paid commercial drone operator

August 21, 2017

Drone Workforce Solutions awarded grant to train Delaware residents to become a paid commercial drone operator.
Drone Workforce Solutions, (A/K/A DWS Drones), is pleased to announce that it has
received its second state grant in 2017 from the Delaware Department of Labor, Division
of Employment and Training. This is the second drone grant awarded by the state of
Delaware in its history. DWS is honored to be the recipient of both grants.
In January 2017, DWS Drones was awarded a planning grant to create a Strategic Workforce Training Plan for drone technology that met Delaware employer’s workforce needs, advance the skills of Delaware workers, grow the state’s economy and increase sustainable employment for working families.
In the current grant award DWS was tasked with teaching 10 Delaware citizens how to become a highly skilled and paid commercial drone operator.
DWS has 2 drone schools, (Delaware and New Jersey) and a drone employment company, that offers a comprehensive 70 hour training and education aeronautics curriculum on small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) which purpose is designed to educate, empower, enable and encourage students to learn the art and science of drone technology and how they can apply what they learn in the classroom, in labs and workshops and in the field to obtain careers in this growing $100 Billion industry. This best in class instruction and materials offers strategies and information that provides the breadth and depth of instruction to be a successful and proficient drone pilot and learn the rules, regulations and laws, and in particular Part 107, Remote Pilot –Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide, required by the Federal Aviation Administration and using the Pilot’s Handbook for Aeronautical Knowledge, to pass their test, build a drone, edit the videos, create their own drone company, the laws of drone operation and so much more, and thereby become certified as a highly sought after commercial drone pilot.
Currently, DWS is looking for interested people to fill the slots. FREE informational classes are held on Saturdays at its corporate facility, 920 Justison Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801. Classes are expected begin this Fall. For those who want to attend one of its Informational classes, go on the DWS web site and sign up on line. www.droneworkforcesolutions.com.
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