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One of the great innovations of drones is that they can provide a wealth of data that can be useful to anyone from farmers and movie makers to construction companies and insurance adjusters. Yet, even after you have flown a flawless flight and collected detailed information, there is one important question that remains: What do you do with the data?

Don’t worry. Tech entrepreneurs have you covered. Established companies and new start-ups have founded a wide range of hardware, software, and analytic services to suit your drone data needs. Drone Workforce Solutions CEO Theophilus Nix, Jr. has highlighted three software companies to watch:

Skyward. Drone software developer Skyward provides a drone management platform that integrates the people, processes, and equipment involved in a company’s drone operations into one efficient workflow.  The program also includes interactive airspace maps, synthesized flight log data, and access to insurance and licensing documentation.

PrecisionHawk.  Based in Raleigh, NC, PrecisionHawk provides a host of software options that include orthomosaic 3-D modeling, volumetric measurements and data analysis for drones.

DroneDeploy. San Francisco–based DroneDeploy offers cloud-based drone mapping and analytics for companies in the construction,  agriculture, real estate and mining and real estate industries.

Drone Workforce Solutions is committed to helping companies identify and use the best software and drone models for their business needs. Find out how we can help you here.

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