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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drone technology, is dramatically changing the way we live and work. UAVs are creating new jobs and industries, saving lives, and providing scientific, economic, and social benefits that our society is just beginning to explore. In the past, UAVs have most often been used in the military, but now drones are being used in a wide range of civilian activities such as search and rescue missions, traffic and weather monitoring, construction projects, photography and videography, and even home deliveries.

In business, world drones have proven to be especially useful. Manufacturers and big-box retailers can more efficiently manage their warehouses. Real estate companies are creating more compelling aerial footage to advertise their properties while utility companies are using drones to more safely inspect cellphone towers and utility lines. The potential benefits of drones are endless. Drone Technology has allowed businesses to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety.

A recent Inc. Video mentions 5 industries transformed by drone technology:

Racing – It took off in 2014 and since then winners have taken home up to $250,000 in prizes.
Mapping – Drones allow insurance companies to quickly and efficiently assess any damage after a natural disaster. It also helps real estate companies begin new projects.
Lifeguarding – Tested in Australia using drones fitted with floatation devices, it only took 70 seconds to locate the swimmers.
Surveillance – Police, firefighters and other public service entities use drones to scout locations and determine safety.
Agriculture – Drones are used to inspect crops and apply nutrients in mass batches.

It is a short video and worth a watch, but our takeaway is that drones will continue to be an important part of business development. If you don’t get on board now, you may find yourself scrambling to play catch-up. Contact Drone Workforce Solutions to find out how we can help grow your business.

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