Theo Nix, Jr., Esq., CEO of Drone Workforce Solutions, named to the World Trade Center of Delaware Board of Directors

May 23, 2019

Theophilus R. Nix, Jr., Esq., President and CEO of Drone Workforce Solutions, LLC
announces that he has become a member of the Board of Directors of the World Trade Center
Association of Delaware, a not-for-profit corporation interested in promoting and assisting world
trade as part of a worldwide alliance which enhances world trade and development, leading to
economic growth and stability.
DWS is a drone global technology and Strategic Business Solutions company that
provides solutions for businesses, organizations and governments requiring drones and its
applications. The DWS mission is to provide education and training through its drone technology
schools, and employment and job placement through its global drone staffing and employment

DWS recently announced the launch of its global drone pilot portal to help provide
significant and sustainable jobs in drone technology to our global corporate, business and
government partners. This first of its kind in the world on-line proprietary drone portal, we
provide fully vetted and FAA Part 107 certified commercial pilots with a full administrative
backend that allows us to send our pilots on jobs around the world. This vetting system gives our
corporate and government clients a comfort level they don’t otherwise currently have from the
drone pilot service industry.

Additionally, we will soon launch in a few weeks the only global Apple and Google APP
for our DWS vetted pilots which allows us to send information to our drone pilots which
includes the job location, client, length of time of the job, the type of drone and accessories
required and the pay rate. The pilot will then electronically inform us of their availability.
Theo has been in negotiations to perform drone utility and agricultural services and drone
training in Africa and has just been approved on the short list to provide both drone inspection
and training services to one of the largest utility companies in the country with many affiliate
companies as part of the parent company throughout the nation.

Theo has worked in the international corporate arena, including as corporate counsel for a Fortune 100
global company, where he has performed transactional work and negotiated mega business deals and will
use those international relationships to collaborate with businesses and corporations around the country
and globally to employ Americans as drone operators in the field of drone technology.
Theo is a big proponent of Workforce Development and the need to retrain and employ Americans at all
levels, especially our Veterans, through the use of drone technology and its applications for a new global
world. Says Theo, “DWS intends to pay some of the highest rates to our pilots in the drone industry.
Powering Americas Drone Workforce. Fly away with us.

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